flexible options

hourly or project-based

As mentioned previously, G2E is not a broker-dealer and does not take a “success fee,” “finder’s fee,” equity stake, or transaction-based compensation. Depending on your preference, G2E can structure engagements two ways: hourly or project-based. We understand that burn rate is top of mind and we pride ourselves on providing excellent results at an affordable price.

On the low-end of the fee scale are things like reviewing and refining an existing pitch deck or helping to build a new pitch deck. Those often run less than $900. At the higher-end of the fee scale are things like getting you or your company in front of leading Silicon Valley VC’s. Actually, getting your company in front of the VC is free. What takes time is preparing for that event; understanding the preferred company profiles the various VC’s are looking for (industries, business models, etc.), matching the right startup with the right VC, understanding the formal intake process of the VC, and shepherding the startup through the process.

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