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about G2E:

G2E is a niche firm dedicated to one thing and one thing only… helping founders move briskly along their entrepreneurial journey and get to exit. G2E is not a broker-dealer and does not take a “success fee,” “finder’s fee,” equity stake, or transaction-based compensation. We understand the work and dedication it takes to be an entrepreneur and believe wholeheartedly that founders should reap the rewards of their efforts. G2E is simply here to help you realize those rewards faster.

About the Founder:

David Aronica

Mr. Aronica spent 20 years as an executive in Silicon Valley where he worked at both public and private companies, start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 100 corporations. He has helped take private companies public and built organizations within a number of successful venture-backed businesses. He joined Sun Microsystems after graduate school in 1999, around the same time Google, Netflix, and Ebay were just getting started. After leaving Sun, he joined VMware, which was just a few hundred employees at the time. Over the subsequent five years, Mr. Aronica helped grow VMware to over 11,000 employees, 25,000 partners, and 250,000 customers. By the time he left, VMware had a $30B market cap and $3B in revenue. Following VMware, Mr. Aronica was offered the position as Head of Global Enablement at Google. Some of the other notable companies he has worked at include F5 Networks, Newgistics, and ThousandEyes. 


Over his career, Mr. Aronica has been accountable for many of the core strategic disciplines, including business planning, process optimization, budgeting, forecasting, product marketing, and strategy. His specialty, however, is improving salesforce effectiveness and productivity. He has built and managed global teams responsible for driving revenue and has a track-record of growing an organization’s bottom line. He has trained thousands of individuals (employees, partners, and customers) throughout the globe over the last 20 years based on a comprehensive framework he built focused on PEOPLE, PRODUCTS, and PROCESS. The results are always the same: increased deals size, shortened sales cycles, and improved close rates.

PEOPLE (sales skills)

  • Hiring profiles
  • Solution selling
  • Executive conversations
  • Qualifying & positioning
  • Developing value props
  • Overcoming objections
  • Buyer profiles

PRODUCTS (solutions)

  • Company offerings
  • Competitive offerings
  • Peripheral technology
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Sales accreditations
  • Technical accreditations
  • Technical certifications

PROCESS (repeatable practices)

  • Account planning
  • Opportunity planning
  • Territory planning
  • Sales methodology
  • Sales process
  • Customer buying process
  • Tools/automation (CRM, etc.)

University Professor.

Shortly after leaving Silicon Valley, Mr. Aronica took a three-year sabbatical and became a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Concordia University in Austin. It was there that he began helping the next generation of entrepreneurs achieve their dream of owning a business. In addition to Entrepreneurship, Mr. Aronica taught a number of other business courses including Leadership, Selling & Sales, Business Communication, and Business Technology. He has also guest lectured at the University of Texas.


Mr. Aronica’s passion for helping people reach their full potential goes beyond the classroom. In 2016, he spearheaded the development of Concordia’s Incubator for Innovation and Impact; connecting students and professors with entrepreneurs from the local community. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Goodwill Central Texas, the $100M arm of the $5B Goodwill Industries, as well as the Goodwill Education Board. He holds a number of volunteer roles at Capital Factory, the start-up incubator/accelerator in Austin, including participating in their venture fund, vetting potential members, mentoring start-ups, and contributing to panel discussions. He also serves on the Advisory Board of several start-ups.


Mr. Aronica is a part-time Angel investor and has made investments in start-ups ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.


Mr. Aronica has an MBA from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Minnesota.

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